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What is EEE Projects ?

EEE Projects

There is a big difference between Electrical and electronics and so the difference is in Electrical Projects and Electronics Projects. In EEE Projects both Electrical and Electronics projects are included. We are the group of some people passionate about making things in the field of electrical and electronics (EEE) from making simple devices to big EEE projects. Beside that we take a sneak upon electronic and communication (ECE) field and we are really good in exercise new concepts and technologies. And we are dedicated to produce and deliver quality content with enrich information to our viewers.

What is EEE ?

EEE Stands for Electrical and Electronics Engineering a field in which everything from high voltage (that is Electrical) and low frequency to low voltage and high frequency (that is electronics) are studied and engineered. EEE is also a well-known branch of study in engineering and technology field. It can be said that the field is the core of all the major dominating technologies.

About EEE Projects

We are basically a group of people making various EEE Projects and experiments from simple to difficult and sharing the concept and sources with the rest of the people as a formation of EEE Projects community. Instead of just sharing our EEE Projects we people do come with regular updates in Electrical & Electronics and even rest other technology updates. We will keep updating with new project contents and technology updates so be in touch with us. Get us on other platforms like Youtube, Facebook, twitter and many other. You may take a look below to browse our latest project published.

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