3 phase transformer description and working
3 phase transformer

3 phase transformer

A transformer is a device, which aids in the process of conversion of electric energy from one circuit to another. This is done with the help of coils and other inductance. There are wide variety of transformers available in the market, while some are pretty bulky or heavy whereas others are so small that they can put into a microscope. Though transformers vary in stature, but the basic function remains the same. Out of the various types of transformers, the 3 phase transformer is the most popular among the lot

What is 3 phase transformer

In engineering terms, phase transformer is defined as a transformer that contains, three conductors that is known to carry voltage at 120-degree phase shift. This transformer is popular in terms of usage in the industry because it has the capability to vary current along with voltage. This type of transformer ensures effective transformation of power at the same time. But what you need to be aware is how the transformer is connected in the first place. One of the main reasons why 3 phase transformers are used over 1 phase transformers is they tend to be more efficient, they performance is much better with less material, they are small in weight or size, in comparison to a single phase transformer.

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Design and working of 3 phase transformer

The best part about this transformer is that it is designed with secondary or primary winding, around a single leg of an assembly or iron core. When you are discussing about this transformer you would need to understand that the primary and secondary winding, is bound to be connected in Delta or Star, or a combination of both of them. Some of them are known to possess dielectric, in the form of oil and for this reason they are termed as oil filled transformers, and the others are termed as dry transformers.

The market for this transformers is immense and there is a new ground to be explored as well. Many companies have cashed in on this market and are offer transformers at low prices in the market.

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Capabilities of 3 phase transformer

With this type of transformers, you can go on to perform a wide variety of operations. For this reason, you need to take note that different transformers are used for various purposes. The maximum level of frequency range that a device can render is 50 HZ to 400 HZ. It is fully dependent on the user on what is the requirement they are considering in terms of frequency range transformer. Another point is that insulation is also important, in the case of transformer as a faulty one can render it to be useless and pave way for heavy power losses.

There are professionals who develop 3 phase transformers to suit your diverse needs. Companies are also there in the market who are known to have sufficient stock of 3 phase transformers, and if need arises it can be shipped to you within 24 hours. This type of transformer is the highest in terms of quality that has been invented till now. The prices are low which ensures that you will never falter again. A lot of companies tend to roll out offers, but you should undertake a detailed research before you go on to choose one. The thought process is also important.

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