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seven segment display

Seven Segment Display, working and application

The Seven segment display are available with 10 pin package. There are two common pins which are connected internally and rest of the 8 pins are anodes or cathodes depends upon the type of type of display you are holding that is common anode or common cathode as well, by the classified name itself it can be differentiated weather the two common pins are going to anode or cathode leaving the rest of the eight pins corresponding opposite terminal. In seven segment display you can easily see one decimal point and  7 display segments in the shape of “8”. Types ...
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3 phase transformer

3 phase transformer description and working

A transformer is a device, which aids in the process of conversion of electric energy from one circuit to another. This is done with the help of coils and other inductance. There are wide variety of transformers available in the market, while some are pretty bulky or heavy whereas others are so small that they can put into a microscope. Though transformers vary in stature, but the basic function remains the same. Out of the various types of transformers, the 3 phase transformer is the most popular among the lot What is 3 phase transformer In engineering terms, phase transformer is ...
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potential transformer Sketch

Potential Transformer [Explained] in Detail

What is potential transformer ? The potential transformer is also known as an instrument transformer. Generally, is it used for alteration of voltage right from a higher value to a lower one. In simple words, we can say that a potential or voltage transformer is used to lower down the higher values of the voltage to a safer lever in order to measure currents as well as voltage associated with power transmission and distribution systems. Once stepping down of voltage to a safer value is done by the voltage transformer, voltage can be easily measured by using devices like voltmeter, ...
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Parity Generator and Parity Check

Parity Generator and Parity check

Parity generator and checker explained in detail Before moving on the parity generator, first get some interesting information about parity bit. The first question that came in your mind is that what is parity bit…? Parity bit might be 0 or 1 in data transmissions. Parity bit producing method is one of the most popular error detection ways generally used during data transmission. Undoubtedly, parity bit becomes a very useful tool in this modern era where digital data transmission takes place at every instance of human’s life. While data transmission, loss of data bit information is very common due to ...
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Fingerprint Based Attendance System Circuit

Fingerprint based attendance system circuit description

Fingerprint based attendance system working and application In present scenario, biometrics is one of the most widely used identification systems. In simple words, biometric refers to the spontaneous identification of a person on the basis of its biological features like facial recognition, fingerprint, iris scan etc. here, in this piece of writing you will be introduced with the fingerprint based attendance system. With the introduction of this type of automatic attendance system, the days are gone when industries, schools and institutions will need proper register to mark attendance of their employees and students. Sometimes, this kind of attendance system is ...
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Types of transistors

Types of Transistors, working principle and applications

Different Types of transistors, their working principle and applications This piece of writing offers an overview of a transistor, different types of transistors along with its applications. In the world of electronics and communications, transistor is one of the most popular semiconductor devices generally used for amplifying signals. In addition to this, transistors are also used in electrical boards for switching circuits. A general purpose transistor is manufactured by using solid material. Base (B), Emitter (E) and the collector (C) are three main components of a transistors that can be further connected with the other components inside the circuit. In few ...
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solar battery charger circuit

Solar Battery Charger Circuit [Explained] in Detail

Solar Battery Charger Circuit Working and Application The concept of solar panels is no more new to us. We all are familiar with the term solar panels and the benefits it has caused for the human beings cannot be ignored. These days to protect our environment from depletion most of us are adapting environment friendly ways and solar panels are one of them. There many devices which work on solar energy. Here, we will explore solar battery charger circuit in detail to know that how we can use this environment friendly battery circuits in our day to day lives and ...
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AC servo motor

AC servo motor [Explained] in detail

AC servo motor working principle and application AC servo motors are one of the most widely used industrial servo motors that offer precise control while object movement. Generally, a servo motor is used in an electrical device so that the device can rotate with maximum possible precision. In simple words, a servo motor is a linear or rotary actuator that allows precise control to the device in both, angular and linear position at any point of acceleration and velocity. AC servo motor working is that simple such that anyone can operate it without any technical hindrance. AC servo motors were ...
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Touch Sensor Working

Touch Sensor [Explained] in detail with application

Touch Sensor working principle These days, due to the advancement in technology, you will find touch screen panels everywhere right from your pocket size smartphone to large machine used in your factory. Once and for all, touch systems or panels are being used in end numbers of applications like mobile devices, P.O.S. systems, industrial control system, and public information displays etc. In this piece of writing, you will be introduced with the basics of touch panels, touch sensor including their working principle along with their applications in detail. The basic component used in manufacturing a touch screen or panel is ...
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Air flow detector block diagram

Air Flow Detector Circuit Working and Application

What is Air Flow Detector Circuit Air flow detector circuit is widely used in many appliances, as it provides a visual indication of the rate at which air is flowing. Wherever it is necessary to detect the rate of air flow or presence of air this circuit is used, as this provides a clear picture of air in a given space. The most common example of air flow detector circuit is engines. This circuit is used in engines to get the estimate of air flow within it, so that we may get to know how much more fuel we need to ...
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