What’s in it for you?

Get Exposure: Get access to a fresh source of traffic which could be just the audience you’ve been waiting for.

Get Promoted: Your article will be promoted on all the platform that EEEProject has in its inventory.

Get known: The readers of EEE PRoject will recognize your content and will know what you are up to.

Who are our readers?

Our readers are primarily electronics learners, hobbyist to engineering students who are looking to learn more about Electrical and Electronics Engineering in general.

What are we looking for in a guest post?

The guest posts we are looking for should cover the following categories:

  • How to
  • Principle, Working & Application
  • Techniques
  • Development

Rules and Regulations:

1. Your post must be original. That means has to be written by you and not previously published anywhere else, including your own blog/site.

2. Post should not be about an affiliate program/product or a company. No reviews please.

3. Very Important: Please don’t submit generic 200-400 words posts on some theory. Your post should have to be informative, Also make it USABLE whenever possible. Otherwise, we will immediately trash your post without warning.

We desire to provide our readers with information that immediately solves their question/need.

For example, a generic article on the Krichoff voltage law for your blog will be rejected. But a detailed post on “working of krichoff voltage law with its application” to your niche blog

Original, fresh, unique, authentic, relevant to our audience – that’s the kind of content we are looking for.

4. We might need to edit the content (misspellings, grammar, formatting etc.) before publishing it.

5. We do understand the importance of link love and you should definitely link the article back to your blog. However, We do not tolerate link littering and would not accept links to affiliate products.

6. Please attach a few pictures for your post (and include image credits when necessary).

7. Please include internal links in your post – good resources, links back to relevant articles on EEE Project, etc.

8. Posts must be in good English.

9. Posts should be around or more than 1000 words (exceptions would be posts that have lots of images or video supplement).

How soon will you know if your article is approved?

How soon will you know if your article is approved?

We will make sure to read any posts submitted as soon as possible and will most likely let you know within a day or two if we plan on publishing it. This way you’ll know whether you should start submitting your article to other sites.

How soon will your article be posted?

This will depend on how many articles we already have in the queue to be published. Generally, it should be published as fast as within a week of approval.

Have a question?

Email me at guest@eeeproject.com

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