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Cowarobot r1 Robotic Suitcase

Cowarobot r1 Robotic Suitcase

The most futuristic robotic suitcase Cowarobot r1 Robotic Suitcase is now here Cowarobot r1 Robotic Suitcase has all you must have Have you heard about the most amazing invention of this decade? If not then you are missing out on so much. The most amazing invention is of a fully autonomous suitcase that follows you on its own wherever you go. And, this suitcase is referred to as Cowarobot r1 robotic suitcase. You must be wondering after hearing its name, I also did but this is actually a robotic suitcase which works as a robot and follows you in the direction you are going by avoiding the stairs and obstacles that come on the way. This new invention allows people to travel without worrying about their heavy luggage. The first robotic suitcase among the world is Cowarobot r1 robotic suitcase. You may like to see Leatherman RAPTOR Emergency Medical Tool Cowarobot r1 ...
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Hammerhead screwdriver

hammerhead screwdriver home depot

Hammerhead Screwdriver home depot - the first smart tool of its kind The hammerhead screwdriver home depot with 4 volt rechargeable battery is kind of like the Swiss army knife of screwdrivers. You would have seen hammerhead screwdriver video above with the basic description. Sure you can zip in or remove a screw with ease but you can also light an area strip and bend wire and detect the live circuit all in the palm of your hand. The hammerhead screwdriver with 4 volt rechargeable battery has a forward and reverse ring that activates with a simple twist once activated the LED lights turns on illuminating your work. When not in use the spindle locks and can be used like a manual screwdriver. A circuit sensor is located at the front of the Hammerhead screwdriver  Circuit Sensor 4v Li Cordless Screwdriver. Press the voltage detection button and place the sensor ...
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Leatherman Raptor Rescue Shears

Leatherman RAPTOR Emergency Medical Tool

Leatherman Raptor Rescue Shears - the revolutionary medical tool The Leatherman Raptor a multi-tool built to save lives. It is the revolutionary raptor medical tool for military and civilian emergency medical responders. The Leatherman Raptor Emergency Medical Tool is a high quality state of the art replacement for traditional disposable shears and intrude Leatherman fashion. It includes a number of tools specifically for first responder. It comes with a strap cutter and also has a slot open in the o2 tanks and has easy to use ring cutter. You don’t have to twist them all you have to do is clip it and cuts right through rings. Leatherman Raptor Medical Shears Multi-Tool has a glass breaker on the candle. The team at Leatherman has worked closely with the special operations medics, firefighters and DMT personnel to in order to find out what these professionals wanted in Leatherman Raptor Rescue Shears, ...
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Bear grylls tinderbox

Gerber Bear Grylls Tinderbox – your little survival tool

Gerber Bear Grylls Tinderbox Fire Starter - a surviving tool Gerber Bear Grylls Tinderbox is a neat little gadget which has a greater like steel cutting surface for making tinder and a tray underneath to collect the shavings. After shaving the wood into the tray of Bear grylls tinderbox you can push the button for the easy removal of the tinder. After collecting you can empty the dry tinder contents onto the collected items you will be burning. Never start a fire in the Bear grylls tinderbox collection tray. Gerber Bear Grylls Tinderbox Magnifying Glass and Signaling Mirror In case if your matches are wet or your fire starter is not handy, use the magnifying glass attached in the Bear grylls tinderbox to ignite the tinder. When finished place the plastic cover over the cutting surface for the safe storage. An emergency signaling mirror is located on the underside and the ...
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Satechi usb c hub all in one

Satechi usb c hub – A perfect all in one device

Satechi USB C hub Passthrough HDMI Hub space - All in one Type C USB device for your p.c Satechi Type C USB passthrough is a new type c power meter. What it does is measure power input or power output to your type C device. You can see how it works in the video below. What you have to do is get your power bank and your type c cable and connect the type c cable to the power meter and plug it into your power bank or the Computer USB which ever you use to charge your device. You’ll see the Satechi logo coming up in your Satechi usb c hub device and on the readout it will measure the voltage in volts the current in amperes as well as the current over time and milliampere which is flowing through your device. Now when you change the modes ...
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Neato vacuum robot

Neato Vacuum – Wi-Fi Enabled Robot Vacuum cleaner

Neato vacuum - Now clean your any time, no matter where you are Neato vacuum is a robot vacuum that has a brain. Our homes are digitally connected to us like never before. We control many parts of our home from the palm of our hands. So why not the way we clean our floors. Neato vacuum cleaner is a smart app enable, this means that you can clean your home from anywhere you have an internet connection at any time. neato botvac delivers the latest and most powerful floor cleaning technology used by laser smart mapping and navigation. The robot vacuum knows that where it is, where it’s been and where it’s going. It’s methodical technique means a deeper through clean and less time than other robots act. Neato Botvac Connected Wi-Fi Enabled Robot Vacuum cleaner goes where no round bot has gone before with its sleek low profile D ...
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Sybrillo go pro camera

Sybrillo Remote Controlled GoPro Accessory

Sybrillo - The most versatile GoPro accessory you will ever have Go-pro video recorders are well known in the video developer community. They do have capabilities like do-anything and go-anywhere. Sybrillo waterproof gimbal is the next generation of go pro accessories. It does work in three-axis which offers a recorder to acquire controls like tile, pan and roll. Although the All-weather Sybrillo GoPro gimbal is a water resistant this can withstand up to 1 meter under water for up to 30 minutes. It is a great option for those who are beginners in film making or those who want to improve their go-pro video quality . The device has a battery-life of at-least 3 hours and is the most versatile smart accessory ever made and includes cinematography’s finest function along stabilization. Sybrillo Waterproof GoPro Action Camera Stabiliser has a wide range of functions which gives the best experience of action ...
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stratasys j750

stratasys j750 3d printer – Best for Designers

Stratasys j750 3d printer Full Colour Multi-material 3D Printer You may be managing a rapid prototyping lab, product designers and engineers rely on you to make accurate decision about the future today. That’s why the stratasys j750 3d printer is make, the only single 3d printer that delivers full photo-realistic colors, a vast range of material properties and the break through efficiency in the work flow. The Stratasys J750 Full Colour Multi-material 3D Printer comes with the all-new poly-jet studio software that’s intuitive and easy to use. So you’ll waste zero time before you print. The re-imagined Hardware provides unprecedented material versatility. So using stratasys j750 3d printer you’ll print with the best aesthetics and functionality and hundreds of thousands of color and material property options. Lead times, cost per part, and the stratasys j750 helps you cut them. You’ll build concept models, hold product prototypes and tooling on one ...
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Vufine – Hands free was never simple without

Vufine - Make your technology more enhanced Technology is the part of our everyday life. It’s our communication, navigation and much more. It’s with us when we wake, at work and during our leisure time. Technology is not just transforming our lives but it is our lives. As fantastic as the technology we have like drones, smartphones, tablets, There are some inherent limitations to the devices in hand with that we have Vufine so an opportunity to enhance your interface with technology by both free in your hands and offering a second screen experience. That is why the Vufine hands free wearable display is invented. Vufine is a high definition wearable as seamlessly integrates with your existing technology. Simply plug any HDMI source into your device and power up the display. Imagine the hands free navigation, easy to follow instructions for free your vision to pilot your drone more effectively. You ...
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Youmo smart power strip

Youmo smart power strip for smart people

Youmo smart power strip - make smart electronic setup Every day we rely on the latest electronic devices but when we plug them in, its’ with the same old power strip. Youmo smart power strip a modular smart power system which easily snap together different power modules to build a customized power system suited to your specific charging needs. The Youmo smart power strip is made by a group of several friends with a several years of experience developing and manufacturing. Everyday products that offer innovative design solutions. So they came up with Youmo smart power strip a stylish modular multi-power solution that offers greater functionality. The Youmo smart power strip is being developed since 2014 and being tested as several prototypes of Youmo . Start with a base cord and snap on the multi power modules, then customize your Youmo  by adding on more modules. You may skip the ...
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Ztylus stinger – A mobile charger that can save your life

Ztylus stinger - A life saving tool in mobile charger Ztylus stinger is a car charger that really could literally save your life. The feature in Ztylus stinger is one of the coolest things could be ever done with a mobile charger. Driving is always dangerous and accidents happen like if your car slip of the road and go into water, a river or a lake or there could be a flood. And the only problem with that beside the fact that your car is not a boat is that when your car is under water, electronics don’t work well in water. So the electronic windows and doors will stop working. The Ztylus stinger car charger breaks the window automatically which you can also see in the below video. In addition to the dual 2.4 amp USB quick charge ports, the Ztylus stinger has a built in seat belt cutter ...
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noke padlock

Noke padlock – No key No problem

Noke padlock - The best padlock you'll ever have Lock technology has not been improved in almost 100 years. Who does not have a lock that’s completely useless because of a forgotten combination or a lost key! At best we waste time searching for the right key or fumbling through the combination. It was presumed that it was time for the padlock to enter the 21 st century so the noke padlock is created. By using the smartphone in the noke padlock you can effortlessly protect your belonging. Whether you are protecting your bike, locker or anything else. All you need is your smartphone and your noke padlock and you are good to go. The noke padlock uses wireless Bluetooth technology when clicked it automatically looks for a phone with a compatible key and unlocks. You do not need to remove your phone from your pocket or purse. The noke ...
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Moodo – Create your Fragrance, Create your mood

Moodo is the device which helps you set the mood The moodo is a smart fragrance machine. Smell is the strongest of all senses. Smell can take you to distant places or bring out emotions. It can focus and relax you. The moodo holds four interchangeable capsules, so interchangeable that you can make four hundred thousand different senses with it. How the moodo is different from anything else well you do feel its smart right. With moodo you control center you control which capsule to use and how to mix them. Unbelievably different amounts from the same capsules can create completely diverse sense. The capsules for device are very affordable so you do not have to be scared to play around with them. If you don’t trust your nose then you can use one of the premade senses. They were crafted by a leading French perfumes to create unique a ...
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Vinci headphone

Vinci headphone – Smartphone that understand you

Vinci headphone - A Perfect Companion Vinci headphone is the first smart headphone that understands you. It goes way beyond just playing music. Vinci headphone is a smart on-the-go device controlled by your voice and powered by Artificial Intelligence technology. With Vinci headphone all you have to do is ask. It is powered by far field voice recognition software. The smart headphone synchronizes across your different platform so that it can update you on your schedule and notifications and anticipate your needs. With Vinci headphone your headphones are now your personal assistant, your search engine, your phone and so much more. The smart headphone's location-based services mean that you are receiving relevant local recommendations without lifting a fingertip. Vinci headphone is the perfect companion. It learns from your heart rate activity and preferences to understand and suggest the perfect song for the moment. Vinci headphone’s local storage and 3G coverage means ...
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Muzo – set the mood of peace

Escape from the world with Muzo Do you want out from all the hustle and bustle of everyday life? Sometimes all you want is just to have a rest, but it seems that you can’t escape from all the noise surrounding. How can we get some silence into our busy lives? Muzo is a revolutionary anti-vibration acoustic device. Muzo is the first device that applies anti vibration technology for smooth surfaces. The dedicated Neo magnetic system is the soul of the device which is powered by billion sound technologies. Muzo can generate dynamic realistic sounds while canceling vibration. These vivid sounds set the scene and drown out intrusive noises. The device is designed in a way to be streamlined and balanced. It allows muzo to generate and even vibration towards the attached surface. With the TPE material muzo can be stuck and reposition to any surface. You can turn every ...
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DJI Mavic drone

DJI Mavic drone – Shoot like a pro

DJI Mavic drone shoot some real videos like never before There is a good chance that the drone videos you’ve seen online were shot with DJI Mavic drone cameras. It may sound crazy but you can do this too. It’s easy because the DJI Mavic drone has made easy. The DJI is an organization that makes flying cameras. The DJI Mavic drone is one of the smallest drone made by DJI so that you can dream big. The DJI Mavic drone is the first personal drone of its size and feature and it keep squeezing in big power. It automatically follows you or whatever you want without a bracelet or a tracker, avoids obstacles and comes packed with a 4k stabilized camera with 27 minute of flight time and a whole lot more. The DJI Mavic drone can be folded and unfolded 24 high performing computing cores. Folded so that ...
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Zerotech Dobby

Zerotech Dobby – A drone that takes selfie

Enhance your selfie skill with ZEROTECH DOBBY Drone Zerotech Dobby is a very small selfie drone. It can be charged by a power bank, weighs only 199 grams 0.4 mm thickness also reduced the core board by 90%. The drone is much smaller selfie drone that can be put into your pocket. You only need five minute with Zerotech Dobby and you can become a drone expert. Use the app on your cellphone to make Zerotech Dobby fly. When it takes off on your palm you can do really much to make your audience or impress your close ones. The Zerotech Dobby does have advance functions live voice manipulated, tap to take or toss it to fly. It is very small but it has a capability to resist the wind and can fly freely both indoors and outdoors as well or it can hover inside. With the help of Dobby selfie drone ...
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Odin mouse

Odin mouse – World’s first laser projection mouse

Odin mouse - make your PC more advanced Odin mouse the intuitive, responsive easy to use laser projection mouse developed by the team of engineers with more than 10 years of experience in optical electronics. Odin is the god of war and Norse mythology, flashing out laser projection the mouse points out the clear sensing area for you. The infrared sensor captures the signal and delivers high resolution. Easily portable the pocket sized Odin mouse weighs only 40 grams. It’s way smaller than the regular mouse and even more easy to use. Designers, Gamers, Office workers lay your wrist hurt no more. Simply connect the Odin mouse to your USB port on your computer or on your laptop and you are good to go. The developers have been working to intuitive and responsive Odin mouse in order to enable smoother user experience. The laser projection mouse breaks through the limitation in ...
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Gotenna – text & GPS on your phone, no service required

Gotenna - No cell phone service required You have to send the message or tell someone where you were but for some reason you could not. That’s because there were probably too many people around or you were too far from the tower or may be the network was down. That is all about to change with gotenna. Gotenna appears wirelessly with your smartphone making it possible to text and share your location with anyone else who also has, even when you don’t have service. No need for service towers, WIFI or satellites. With Gotenna you can communicate no matter what. Find friends even when the rest of the crowd is struggling to get their message. Gotenna is great for travel because it works anywhere in the world. Explore and roam for free. And if there is an emergency you can send a message to all Gotenna within range. Here ...
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Emberlight – A revolutionary product

Emberlight the way of living There are moments in life when you need everything to be just right. Emberlight a revolutionary product that makes automated lightning accessible for everyone. Screw it on any demo bulb and your relationship with light changes forever. Imagine waking to a personal sunrise. With Emberlight lights magically turns on when you walk molding to your mood and your life. Be smart with your energy, free yourself with your light switch so you have more time to live dream and enjoy. Your home is your sanctuary that is designed to fit you. That’s why Emberlight works with what you already own. It’s your space we just connect you to it like never before. Through our cloud and mobile app you can control your lights from anywhere and you do not have to worry if you have left the lights on. The developers had spent eight years ...
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