Solar Battery Charger Circuit [Explained] in Detail

Solar Battery Charger Circuit Working and Application

The concept of solar panels is no more new to us. We all are familiar with the term solar panels and the benefits it has caused for the human beings cannot be ignored. These days to protect our environment from depletion most of us are adapting environment friendly ways and solar panels are one of them. There many devices which work on solar energy. Here, we will explore solar battery charger circuit in detail to know that how we can use this environment friendly battery circuits in our day to day lives and protect the surroundings we live in for our generations to come.

solar battery charger block Diagram

solar battery charger block Diagram

Solar battery charger is a simple circuit that convert the solar energy (the energy we get from sun) into electrical energy to protect us from electrical power crisis or electrical power shortage supplies that we suffer from every now and then.

So, the best way known to preserve this energy is to use rechargeable batteries and these chargeable batteries can be charged with the help of this circuit. The sun is not shining all the time, so it is necessary to conserve the sun’s energy and we can easily conserve it with the help of solar battery charger circuits.

Principle of solar battery charger

  • The basic principle of these chargeable battery circuits is to convert the solar energy into electrical energy and store it in the batteries for charging other devices. For example cell phones, iPads, laptops, torches, flashlights and lot more.
  • The charger control circuit produces a constant voltage.
  • The output voltage along with the current are maintain in order to charge the battery with the help of the circuit.

The best about these circuits are the simple to use and are affordable for common man.

solar battery charger circuit

solar battery charger circuit

Requirements for completing the solar battery charger circuit are as follows:

  1. Solar panel
  2. Voltage regulator
  3. Resistors of variable resistance
  4. Diode
  5. Zener diode
  6. Battery (5v – 14V)
  7. LED lights

Working of solar battery charger circuit

  • It is most commonly used for charging lead-acid batteries using the solar power.
  • The circuit has the capability of charging a rechargeable battery of up to 6 Volt.
  • You need to place the solar panel under the sun, so that it can accumulate solar power from the sun rays.
  • Then, make all the required connections in the circuit.
  • And, set up the output voltage.
  • Then, with the help of a digital multi meter that how much charging the battery has gained.

Nowadays, the solar battery charger circuits are available in the market in different sizes and in lot of varieties for different purposes.

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Applications of a Solar Battery Charger Circuit

  • It is used to charge up the Lead-acid batteries.
  • Ni-Cd batteries are also charged with the help of this circuit.
  • Different type of batteries can be charged by using this circuit.

Advantages of Solar Battery Charger

There are end numbers of advantages of using these rechargeable battery circuits. Benefits of this circuit are mentioned below:

  • This not only protects our environment but does not even create a hole in our pockets.
  • So, these circuits are affordable and easy to use.
  • One can easily adjust the output voltage of these circuits as per the requirement of their appliance.
  • For setting up this circuit no hi-tech appliances are used. Simple and easily components are required for setting up the circuit for solar battery charger.
  • The battery discharge is almost equal to zero when there is no consumption, so the energy remain conserved.

Disadvantages of Solar Battery Charger

Some of the limitations of the solar battery charger circuit are as follows:

  • In some of the circuits, the current is limited up to a certain limit.
  • And in some of the circuits the high dropout voltage is must for its proper functioning.

Do share your thoughts or any suggestion in below comment box.

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Solar Battery Charger Circuit [Explained] in Detail
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Solar Battery Charger Circuit [Explained] in Detail
We will explore solar battery charger circuit in detail to know that how we can use this environment friendly battery circuits in our day to day lives.
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