FM transmitter circuit with 3km Range

How to make FM transmitter circuit



What is FM transmitter circuit

The FM transmitter circuit (Frequency modulation) is a circuit made up of a single transistor or a BJT. In a wireless communication, the (frequency modulation) FM carries the data or information by changing the frequency of the carrier wave as per the information or a message signal.

The Fm transmitter achieves the application of (very high frequency) VHF radio frequencies of 87.5 HZ to 108 MHZ in both transmission as well as receiving the Signal. The FM Transmitter completes the most excellent volume with in less power.

The performance and working of the FM transmitter circuit is dependent upon the variable capacitor and inductor. In the article, you are going to learn that how you can prepare a FM transmitter circuit and how does it work with its various applications.

Things you must know about FM Transmitter

The FM transmitter is a circuit that uses a very low power to operate and does uses (Frequency Modulation) FM Waves to transmit the sound. With the help of such FM transmitters we can easily transmit the audio signals with through the carrier waves with different frequency.

The frequency of the carrier wave would be the same as for the audio signal with an amplitude. The FM Transmitter produces a range of VHF from 88 HZ to 108 MHZ.

Block Diagram for FM transmitter circuit

Components required for FM transmitter circuit are modulator, oscillator, RF-Amplifier, Audio pre-amplifier, microphone and antenna. The Diagram shows the Block diagram for FM transmitter circuit. There are two types of frequency signals in the signal :

  • Carrier signal (with carrier frequency)
  • Audio signal (With audio frequency)
FM transmitter circuit Block diagram

FM transmitter circuit Block diagram

The carrier frequency is obtained by modulating the audio signals. The (Frequency Modulation) FM signal is obtained by differentiating the carrier frequency and by allowing the Audio frequency. The transistor is used for oscillator purpose in order to obtain Radio Frequency signal.

Working of simple FM Transmitter Circuit explanation

The circuit diagram shown for FM transmitter circuit and the electronic components are the resistor, capacitor, trimmer or variable capacitor, inductor (coil), transmitter, mic, 9v of power supply or 7809 Voltage regulator (in case if you are using input voltage more than 9v) and an antenna. The mic or a microphone is assumed to grab the sound signals and there is a presence of sensor with capacitance value inside the mic. The change in pressure of air or AC signal causes in production of such capacitance.

FM Transmitter Circuit diagram

Simple FM Transmitter Circuit Diagram

The Oscillation circuit could be made with the help of Transistor 2N3904, Inductor and the variable capacitor. The Transistor 2N3904 used in FM Transmitter Circuit. It is a NPN transistor which is basically used for signal and voltage amplification purposes. If the current is passed through L1 Inductor and the variable capacitor, the FM Transmitter Circuit will start oscillating with the resonant to that of the carrier frequency (I.e frequency of the carrier signal).

The negative current or the negative feedback will result C2 Capacitor to the Transmitter Circuit. The oscillator is required in FM Transmitter Circuit in order to generate the radio frequency carrier waves. The transmitter circuit is capable of storing the energy for the oscillation as it is a derived from the (inductor and capacitor) LC circuits. The audio I.e input signal obtained from the mic is passed through the base of the transistor in order to modulate the output signal of the LC circuit in FM (I.e frequency modulation wave) Form.

Here, the main purpose of the variable capacitor becomes that to vary the resonant frequency in order to obtain the best FM Signal Frequency band. The modulated signal is then transmit or radiated as a radio wave with the frequency of FM frequency range. The antenna is nothing but a piece of good conductor, in our application we’d used a copper wire of 30cm long and 26 gauges thick. You can use copper wire up to 25-27 inches long as an antenna in the circuit, the length of the antenna however must be significant.

Application of FM Transmitter Circuit

  • FM Transmitter Circuit are used in a sound system as a signal transmitter.
  • These are used in wireless components used in vehicles and offices.
  • The circuits are used to make FM transmitters used to reduce the noise in certain places.

Advantages of FM Transmitter Circuit

  • The FM Transmitter Circuit could be made very easily as the very common components are used which are very cheap and easily available.
  • Above circuit gives the very high efficiency in transmitting signal in a shorter range.
  • The circuit is best suited for demonstration and fm transmitter circuit project.
  • The circuit does have a large and complicated components.
  • The transmitter circuit is capable to neglect the noise signal through the amplitude variation.

Disadvantages of FM Transmitter Circuit

  • In above FM Transmitter Circuit, there is a large wider channel needed.
  • With the Circuit, the transmitter as well as the receiver tends to become more difficult.
  • The received signal gets poor quality as there an interference occurs in the medium.
  • The above circuit is not good enough for high power fm transmitter circuit purpose.

After making the FM Transmitter Circuit you will be able to understand the basic working and application of the transmitter. Hope the article helped you. Feel free to share about how do you like or your queries in a comment below.

FM transmitter circuit with 3km Range
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FM transmitter circuit with 3km Range
A simple wireless FM transmitter circuit uses Radio Frequency communication to transmit the medium or low power FM signal. Its maximum range is 3 km.
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  1. Mariely Angeles Reply

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    Hi i want to make an fm transmitter so that i can transmit the song from my laptop and guitar in all around my home. Also would that be legal ?

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    Can i use the same circuit for more than 10 KM of range ?

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    How does the length and the thickness of antenna effects the noise in the above FM transmitter circuit ?

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    i am looking for a simple fm transmitter circuit diagram and its pcb design

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    what are some important application on fm transmitter circuit other than transmitting signal for radio communication ? i’ve heard that they’re used in our appliances like home-theater etc.

    • Farhan Sheikh Ahmad Reply

      Similar circuits are used in home wireless speakers and many more. However, those transmitter circuits are far advanced and complicated then the one we’ve shown you.

  10. Luna Maya Reply

    i was looking for a simple fm transmitter circuit diagram. it helped with some variations in capacitor, thanks

  11. Sandi Matic Reply

    Can Anyone suggest me a fm transmitter design which would be be very stable and can hold a good amount of Watts output power ?
    Also the transmitter must be very stable and touching it or placing high amount or metals near by would not effect its signal while transmitting.

    Please suggest me a better circuit design.

    • Farhan Sheikh Ahmad Reply

      What you suggest requires a complicated design. The transmitter circuit we’ve shown in the post is just for generic purpose. You can find plenty other high efficiency fm transmitter circuit on the internet.

  12. Allan Reply

    Look what did i found!
    You can increase the antenna’s height and the range of the capacitor and make the fm transmitter circuit for upto 10 km!

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    I want to make an fm transmitter circuit using ic, is it possible ?

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    What modifications i need to make in the above fm transmitter circuit for the range of 10km ?

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    Isn’t it illegal to make and use such signal transmitting circuit ?
    in my place it is forbidden

    • Farhan Sheikh Ahmad Reply

      The post is just for educational purpose and to let you know the concept that how does fm transmitter circuit works. You can use it in another projects and applications which would be legal.

    • Farhan Sheikh Ahmad Reply

      well in this circuit we can’t define the frequency its transmitting. You can calibrate the variable capacitor in order to point at its corresponding frequency, However i do not see any way to just see the frequency which we transmit through it.

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  22. Milind Yadav Reply

    would you mind if i tell you that practicing such kind of fm transmitter circuit is prohibited in certain countries

    • Farhan Sheikh Ahmad Reply

      Actually transmitting radio wave without a government approval is prohibited in most of the places. However, you do can use the transmitter circuit in your projects and indoor applications. You will need to have a shorter range or fm transmitter.

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