inductors in series

Inductors in Series [Explained] in Detail

Inductors in Series

Before starting off, you all must be aware with the term inductors, but do you know the actual meaning of it? Inductor is a simple coil which does the function of storing energy in the magnetic field. So, it is mainly inductance of the inductor which matters to us. The voltage across the indicator and current going through the inductor is 90 degree out of phase; that’s why the current is led by 90 degrees by the voltage of the inductor.

Inductors can be connected in series or parallel or they can even be connected in the combination of both parallel and series. Here, in this article we will focus on inductors in series. A complex network is produced by the interconnections of these inductors where induction is the combination of all the inductors.

inductors in series

inductors in series

How to connect inductors in series ?

When inductors are connected one after another or end to end in a line, then they are referred to as inductors in series.

How to calculate the inductance of inductors in series ?

The calculation of inductance of the inductors connected in series is relatively simpler to that of those connected in parallel. The total inductance of this network is the sum of inductance of individual inductor. It is the sum because when they are connected in series, then they are sharing the same current and undergoing change at the same rate.

As a result, the total inductance for the inductors in series is higher than that of any one individual inductor.

The formula for calculating series inductance is “L (total) = L1 +L2+….. Ln.

The inductance of these types of combinations is simply added up because when numbers of turns in coil are effectively increased with the inductance of the complete circuit, then it equals to the sum of all the individual inductors.

Components of an inductor

  • A coil/winding (which conducts current like a coil made up of copper)
  • A core (ferromagnetic or ferromagnetic material)
  • Battery
  • Switch
  • Light bulb

Working of Inductors in series

  • In this type of circuits, each inductors are connected to the another end of the inductors.
  • When the circuit is switched on, the current flows into the coils.
  • The flow of current causes a magnetic field in the coil.
  • Until the magnetic field is set up, the flow of current is blocked by the coil.
  • And, inductors also resist change in the value of the current flowing through them.

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Capacity of inductors in series depends on the factors mentioned below:

It mainly depends on four important factors, namely

  1. The core around which the coil is wrapped.
  2. Length of the coil: It is said that the smaller the coil, the more will be the inductance, as the coil will be narrower.
  3. Cross-sectional area of coil: It is said that the inductance will be more if the area of cross-section of coil will be more.
  4. Number of coils: More will be inductance with more number of coils.

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Applications of inductors in series

  • In electrical transmission systems for reducing the voltage that occurs through lightning strikes.
  • For processing the signals in analog circuits.
  • Used in transformers.

To summarize, the inductors in series are added up together to calculate the total inductance of the circuit.

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Inductors in Series [Explained] in Detail
Article Name
Inductors in Series [Explained] in Detail
When inductors are connected one after another or end to end in a line, then they are referred to as inductors in series.
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