Parity generator and checker explained in detail

Before moving on the parity generator, first get some interesting information about parity bit.

The first question that came in your mind is that what is parity bit…?

Parity bit might be 0 or 1 in data transmissions. Parity bit producing method is one of the most popular error detection ways generally used during data transmission.

Undoubtedly, parity bit becomes a very useful tool in this modern era where digital data transmission takes place at every instance of human’s life. While data transmission, loss of data bit information is very common due to several factors such as loss of signal strength (low signal frequency), external noise etc.

This kind of loss is known as error and it can be detect by parity bit generating method.

In order to find error during digital data transmission, sender can add extra bit inside the message and this extra bit is known as parity bit. After adding extra bit sender will send the message.

On the other side, receiver will receive the message. Then, receiver will count the 1s found in the message and matched with the number of 1s transmitted by the sender.

If number of 1s (at receiver’s end) is not equal with the number of 1s (at the time of transmission) then there will be an error in the transmitted digital data.

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Parity Generator and checker

In present scenario, there are several kind of circuits as well as devices made by combining parity generator and checker which were further used in end number of digital systems for detecting single bit errors during data transmission. By adding parity bits with original data bits, the sum would be odd or even.

What is parity generator ?

The addition of extra bit during data transmission by the sender is known as parity generator. In even parity bit generation method, the parity bit will be ‘0’ and number of 1s is also even.

On the other hand, if there were odd number of 1s during data transmission then parity bit or extra bit will be ‘1’. Once and for all, even and odd parity bit generation process will take place on the basis of number of 1s transmitted.

Even Parity Generator Logic Circuit

Even Parity Generator Logic Circuit


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How parity generator works ?

Parity check works at the other side of digital data transmission which is also known as receiver’s end. Generally, parity checker will be a logic circuit which will be designed to find out possible errors during digital data transmission. Like parity generator, parity check also can be even or odd and this even or odd is depending on the kind of extra bit generated at the sender’s end.

Even Parity Checker Logic Circuit

Even Parity Checker Logic Circuit

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Parity checker and parity generator ICs

In present time, there are end number of parity checker/generator ICs (integrate circuits) are available in the market which comes in different input configurations like 12-bit, 9-bit, 4-bit, 5-bit and so on. 74180 is one of the most commonly used as well as standard type of parity checker/generator ICs. 74180 is a 9-bit parity checker/generator IC. It is generally used for error detection in data retrieval systems and in high speed data transmission. This IC contains 8 parity inputs and 2 outputs i.e. even sum or odd sum.


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